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Update - Proposal for the development of Endeavour Wharf, Whitby

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Dalby Offshore Services is working with Scarborough Borough Council to promote the Borough - and the ports of Whitby and Scarborough in particular - as a great location to establish offshore wind operations and maintenance activity.

Following an open tender process, Dalby Offshore Services Limited were identified as the Councils preferred tenderer for the development of Endeavour Wharf, Whitby.

Dalby now proposes the establishment of a centre to undertake personnel and equipment transfer, vessel management operations and vessel servicing activity. We are also proposing the inclusion within the development of an offshore renewables information / visitor centre which will be open to the public.

Whitby Port has a unique selling point, being geographically important to offshore wind developments in the North Sea and has the potential to provide excellent facilities to service the O&M industry.

It is open to the sea with no locks and has existing port infrastructure and water depth suitable for the handling of the next generation of larger service and maintenance boats suitable for the longer transit distances. Previously the Port accommodated 24 large trawlers as well as other port users and Endeavour Wharf itself handled 300 cargo vessels movements per year and over 150,000 tonnes of cargo. These days the port has limited trawler activity and no cargo or cargo vessels. There is ample room to accommodate this development and to provide a much needed boost to the port capacity on the East coast.

Dalby Offshore Services is committed to bringing forward a high quality proposal and have held a number of very successful stakeholder consultations to gather initial views on operational and design issues.

We are now recruiting a team of architects and will be undertaking full public consultation in the coming weeks.

We hope to have undertaken the majority of the consultation and development work for this scheme by the spring of 2015, with the ambition to have the proposals implemented and operational by the beginning of 2016.

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